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New IHPC Administrator Named
The City of Indianapolis has named Meg Purnsely administrator...
The Summer 2017 issue of MKNA Spark magazine incorrectly stated the...

The Washington Park Coordinating Committee invites you to review and comment on the FOURTH draft of the Historic Washington Park Preservation Plan. Property owners may may post comments to the website or email them to WashingtonPark@mkna.org.

Fourth Draft WP Preservation Plan

One thought on “Preservation Plan – Fourth Draft

  1. I have been opposed to this from the outset, as I indicated at the early meetings that I attended. I believe that it is ill advised to empower another unelected, unaccountable governmental entity to mandate how taxpaying property owners can use their property. The powers delegated to the Historic Preservation Commission under this draft are extremely broad and burdensome. I am unwilling to forfeit so much control of my own property.

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