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July 31st, 2015
Meyer Efroymson House


4207 Pennsylvania

Classical Revival, 1918

Frank Hunter, the architect of the house, chose a simple stucco exterior building material to adorn with strong classical architectural elements. The symmetrical, six-bay west (main) façade is dominated by the shallow, classical entry portico. Slender Doric columns support the front edge while fluted, engaged pilasters frame the entry. A wide entablature and deep cornice are topped with a gently sloping gable pediment. The portico is flanked by full length, triple windows with 18 lights each. The central window, actually a door, opens to access the brick terrace that runs the length of the main block of the house. These windows are centered in the wall between the door and the edge of the main block. The six windows of the second story are six-over-six sash windows with louvered shutters. The window headers are almost at the eaves, which emphasizes the deep overhang of the roof. The steep hip roof is shingle covered, almost surely a replacement for the original slate or tile. At each corner of the main block of the house are projecting, single-story wings. The south wing extends the length of the house and its walls are filled with full length 18 light windows topped by three light transoms. Each of the windows is separated by a slender Tuscan column. These columns, in turn, support the heavy framing of the transoms above. The central transom of the three windows at the south façade of the wing is shaped in a round arch lunette. This pattern is repeated in the identical north wing of the house. Pairs of identical windows face the brick terrace. The house was the home of merchant Meyer Efroymson, vicepresident of H.P. Wasson and a local civic leader. Later owners of the house included Stuart Dean, president of Dean Brothers Pumps; J.K. Lilly, Sr., pharmaceutical president; and surgeon Dr. Goethe Link.

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