Historic Washington Park • Meridian~Kessler
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New IHPC Administrator Named
The City of Indianapolis has named Meg Purnsely administrator...
The Summer 2017 issue of MKNA Spark magazine incorrectly stated the...


The Board of the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association (MKNA) increasingly hears concerns from property owners regarding the demolition of homes, new construction, and/or extensive home remodeling that may be inconsistent with the look and feel (i.e. character and context) of surrounding Meridian-Kessler homes and neighborhoods. As a result, the MKNA Board is exploring ways to work with all its constituents, including property owners, builders, realtors and businesses, to find ways to work together to encourage positive growth and development that is consistent with and sympathetic to Meridian-Kessler’s established homes and built environment. One such tool may be local historic area designation through the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC).

Several Washington Park residents, with support from the MKNA Board, are exploring potential local historic area designation for Washington Park. The MKNA Board recently created a Historic Preservation Stewardship Committee (HPSC), which develops and supports efforts to protect Meridian-Kessler’s historic character. Kim Kourany, a Washington Park resident, is chairing this committee. She and other Washington Park and Meridian-Kessler residents established the Washington Park Exploratory Committee (WPEC) as a subcommittee of the HPSC.

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