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August 12th, 2015
Rubush and Hunter

The firm of Rubush and Hunter was responsible for the most unusual home design in the Washington Park Historic District. The home of Clark E. Mallery (4160 Washington Boulevard) was designed in a subtle V- shape. Neighborhood lore says the design was to allow for a large tree Mallery did not want destroyed. There is no proof of this and, if so, the tree no longer exists. More probably the home was designed to incorporate a subtle incline in the lot that provided for a garage entrance at the lower level of the house. Constructed in 1919, the home was purchased by Jerome Lyon in 1922 and Rubush and Hunter made some alterations at that time. Preston Rubush was born in Indiana and studied at the University of Illinois. Edgar Hunter, also an Indiana native, received his architectural training at the University of Pennsylvania and worked briefly for the firm of Vonnegut and Bohn before partnering with Rubush. The firm was responsible for the design of several outstanding buildings in downtown Indianapolis, including the Circle Theatre, the Indiana Theatre, and the Columbia Club.

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