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  • May 9, 2016
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April 18, 2016 Newsletter

Updates on drafting a Preservation Plan.

Preservation Plan Progress Report

Updates for all property owners on drafting the Preservation Plan

To All Property Owners

The Washington Park Exploratory Committee intends to share this and subsequent progress reports with all property owners, whether they abstained, opposed, or supported the designation effort, thus far. Likewise, all invitations to actively participate in the drafting process are meant for all Washington Park property owners. If you discover
that we’ve left anyone’s email address out, please let us know and forward any names and email addresses as soon as possible. As useful as technology can be, it is only effective when it enables us to communicate well. Please accept our apologies if we have misplaced anyone’s email.

Clear Majority

Seventy-four percent of the 95 property owners who completed a survey indicated
they support drafting an IHPC Plan for Washington Park. There are 114 property owners (single or collective couple) in Washington Park. Ninety-five Washington Park property owners (or 83% of the total) completed a survey. Property owners who did not participate were simply listed as having “not participated,” totaling 17%. Their “non-participating” status was not counted as supporting, abstaining, or opposing the drafting of an IHPC Plan. The final survey results are included below:

Participate in the Process

Two groups will be principally responsible for collaborating in the drafting process: the Neighborhood Consultants and the Working Committee. Neighborhood Consultants will be Washington Park property owners who are interested in attending regular meetings to provide input and discuss elements to include or exclude in the Preservation Plan. The Working Committee (also comprised of Washington Park property owners) will facilitate the drafting process, by scheduling regular meetings, incorporating Neighborhood Consultants’ input into the Working Preservation Plan, and posting the Working Preservation Plan and/or updates on the Washington Park website. Please contact Kim Kourany, chair of the MKNA’s Historic Preservation Stewardship Committee, at washingtonpark@mkna.org if you are interested in actively participating in the drafting process.

WP Prepares to Draft Preservation Plan

Washington Park is ready to begin the process of drafting a neighborhood
preservation plan. (There is no such plan currently.) It will take time, energy and the collaboration of the entire neighborhood, especially Neighborhood Consultants and Working Committee members, to create one. After the Working Committee and Neighborhood Consultants complete the drafting process, all Washington Park property owners will be asked in a new survey whether they support or oppose the plan. Property owners’ input is collected during the development process and again measured before a neighborhood preservation plan is presented to the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. Not that it is the responsibility of the IHPC staff to prepare a finalized draft plan. To assist the Working Committee, IHPC staff will attend meetings to provide guidance and help facilitate the drafting process, as needed.

Stay Connected

Watch your email or www.washingtonpark.mkna.org for local historic area designation (i.e., the Preservation Plan drafting process) or Washington Park’s Facebook page for more communications, reference materials, status updates, and contacts.

If you have any concerns or questions about Washington Park’s status in the IHPC designation process, please contact Kim Kourany at washingtonpark@mkna.org.

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