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April 14th, 2016
Washington Park Property Owners Take First Step to Protect Historic Character

Washington Park property owners recognized the need for protection from inconsistent exterior modifications. Thus, they took the first step toward becoming a historic area with oversight by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC).

The Washington Park Exploratory Committee surveyed all 114 property owners to determine if they would support developing a Preservation Plan, a document that establishes which architectural and contextual elements are reviewable. The majority of the property owners were in favor of creating these guidelines. Because of the overwhelming support from property owners, the IHPC approved the Exploratory Committee’s request to move forward with creating the Preservation Plan. (Click on the graphic below to learn more.)

Survey Results

Washington Park property owners are invited to serve as Neighborhood Consultants. The neighborhood’s first task is to analyze the character-defining features of the homes and their surroundings; then property owners will determine which of those elements they want to protect. From this analysis, the neighborhood will develop standards or parameters for ensuring consist growth and development. These standards or parameters could include demolition and/or moving structures, new construction, architectural features, materials, and/or site development. The Neighborhood Consultants will help determine how broad or detailed the Preservation Plan is, and will work with neighbors to find consensus.

To join the Preservation Plan drafting process, contact Kim Kourany, at washingtonpark@mkna.org. All property owners are encouraged to help develop the Preservation Plan to ensure their perspectives are considered. There is significant work involved in writing a Preservation Plan. All property owners and other stakeholders are welcome to attend the meetings. Other Meridian-Kessler residents, who want to learn more about the process of developing a Preservation Plan, are also welcome to observe the meetings. Visit www.washingtonpark.mkna.org for meeting times and locations and be sure to watch your email for more information.

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